Franchise Planning Tips

The budget planning:

How much money you can afford to build your franchise system?
Develop a precise liquidity and investment planning
Try now to determine the fees to be incurred later for your franchisees.
Please look for savings to reduce the incentive for potential franchisees to increase.

The planning of operations:

Segmenting your operations in the smallest possible sub-steps (so your content will be more easily employable) and listen mainly to the fact that without exception, all processes that are important for the daily operations of your franchisees, can be carried out regardless of your actual corporate headquarters.

The Franchise Handbook:

Here you describe your business philosophy, your strategic goals, and the essential characteristics of the type of business, its success factors, its “tools”, the operational structure and the rules of a conflict-free cooperation. The Franchise Handbook is both a documentation your corporate identity and can form collections; training materials, etc.

The appropriate franchisee:

My business idea requires knowledge and qualifications.
What is the ideal franchise partner of for me?
What is the minimum investment for my franchise system, how much the potential partner to raise themselves?

The test run:

The first operation, which was aligned with your business idea is, you both as a business card and as the other as proof that your business idea actually works.

The franchise agreement:

Here you create the legal basis for your franchise. The following elements should be regulated among others in your franchise agreement:

  • The rights and obligations of the parties
  • The scope of the freedom of your franchise (how much is set in the franchise manual and can decide how much of the franchisees themselves – for example, interior design, menu etc.)
  • Term and Termination
  • Pricing and purchasing terms (how the franchisees in the selection of its suppliers has a say?)
  • Which territorial protection is guaranteed the franchisee etc.?

These and other questions need to be addressed in the franchise agreement. To be on the safe your business, and to avoid future problems, it is advisable to have a contract drawn up by a lawyer, which has experience in franchising and who can advise you.